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Lunch Club

     Each weekday we run a Lunch Club for children who attend sessions in our Playgroup and Nursery. 

     Children can bring a packed lunch, we provide milk or water to drink, and stay to eat it with their friends and members of staff on lunch-duty.  We have worked hard to ensure that this is a very laid-back, informal and comfortable part of the day when we sit and chat and eat together.  Good table manners are encouraged. 

     The children are joined by a minimum of two members of staff from both the nursery and playgroup staff teams.  Lunch is taken in the Hall.  Play activities are provided for the children before lunch and when they have finished eating.

     The routine for lunch-time sessions is as follows:

          11.30 am                 -         children staying for lunch play in
                                                  Hall/ Sing and rhyme time

          12.40 pm                 -         Go to toilet if necessary and
                                                  wash hands

          12.45 pm                 -         lunch-time

          12.30 pm                 -         lunch ends. Children are collected
                                                  by parents/carers. Afternoon session begins.

As you can see from the above lunch-club ends at 12.30 pm.  A small charge is made for all children staying the extra  hour.  This currently stands at £3.50 per day for 2-3 year olds and £3.00 for children 3 years plus.

Healthy Eating

During the playgroup and nursery sessions we provide the children with a mid-session break for a snack.  Children can choose to drink milk or water and a range of snacks are provided from fruit to bread-sticks or cereal snacks.
Our Pre-school plans our snack-times so that they provide the children with healthy and nutritious food.  We would be grateful if you could support our healthy eating policy by providing your child with similarly healthy and nutritious food in their lunch-boxes.  We would also be grateful if you kept fizzy drinks and sweets for the children at home.  Do tell us about your child’s dietary needs and we will ensure that these are met.

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