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The Pre-school operates as a charity and has a Constitution which governs the way it runs its affairs.  Overall responsibility is exercised by a Committee.  The current Chair is Reverend Heathe Wilson.    Day-to-day responsibility in all matters rests with the employed members of staff – the Manager, Leaders and Assistants.

Our operational plan headings follow the Early Years Foundation Standards:-

  • Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare
  • Suitable people
  • Suitable premises, equipment, environment
  • Organisation
  • Documentation

Within these we have polices to help us meet the five outcomes:

Safeguarding & promoting Children’s Welfare

  • Safeguarding Children Policy 
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Sun Safety Policy
  • Referral to other Agencies
  • Behaviour Management
  • Equality of opportunity and Diversity
  • Admissions
  • Medication Policy
  • Complaints
  • Recruitment ,Appointment and Retention of staff and CPD policy
  • SEN Policy
  • Health and Safety
  • Children with Allergies
  • Procedure in the event of child consuming inappropriate food
  • Food and drink policy
  • Guidance for preparation of formula
  • Cooking and Food Policy
  • Hygiene Policy
  • Accident and Emergency policy and procedure
  • Procedure for taking a child to Hospital
  • HIV and AIDS policy
  • Infection Control and Exclusion policy
  • Procedure for Infection Control
  • Sick child Policy
  • Treatment for Rising temperature policy
  • Collection of children policy
  • Non Collection of children policy
  • Policy and procedure to be followed in the event of a child being lost/ Missing from the premises
  • Outings Policy
  • Transport Policy see outings policy
  • Missing child on an outing policy and procedure
  • Arrival and Departure policy
  • Fire safety Policy
  • Fire Drill and Emergency Evacuation Procedure
  • Security Policy
  • No Smoking policy
  • Nappy Changing policy
  • Toilet training policy
  • Key person policy
  • Settling in policy
  • Partnership with parents policy
  • Sleeping child policy
  • Breast feeding policy

Suitable People

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse policy
  • Staffing and Employment policy
  • Recruitment of Ex offenders Policy
  • Student Placement policy
  • Disciplinary and Dismissal procedures
  • Grievance policy and procedure
  • Cover for Manager

Suitable Premises, Environment & Equipment

  • Activities Equipment and Resources
  • Environmental Policy
  • Creativity Policy
  • Observation Policy ,Practice and Procedures
  • Bad weather conditions


  • Indoor/ outdoor policy


  • Record Keeping Policy
  • Risk Assessment policy
  • Data Protection policy
  • Transition policy
  • Payment of fees policy

These, together with other procedures, statutory notices, inspection reports, insurance and safety certificates, are displayed for reading and inspection by everyone on the notice board inside the Pre-school foyer.  They contain important information of which you should be aware. 

It is essential that you read these policies in order that you understand how we want our pre-school to be and how it operates. The policies are available directly from the Pre-School.  The policies folder is located in the Pre-School foyer.

We welcome any input or suggestions from parents/carers on improving our policies and procedures.  Your opinions are very valuable to us and we want to offer the best service possible to your child and family.

 We hold several fund-raising events each year. Parents are expected to help with fund-raising events and also helping on the Pre-School committee as your support is vital to enrich the life of the Pre-School and to enable it to operate. 

 We always need parent/carer representatives on our Management Committee.  Please let a member of staff know if you would like to volunteer for our committee or would just like to know more about becoming a committee member. 

 Staff are not paid the wages they deserve and spend long hours doing unpaid work to keep the Pre-school running and to provide a high-quality standard of care and education for the children.  Parents are therefore expected to volunteer at least once every half-term to help in the Pre-school either during a session, working with the children or washing-up, helping to keep resources clean and in good repair and general administration duties.  Every little bit of help, no matter how small, is very gratefully accepted.  It all goes towards making our Pre-school a better place to be.

The Pre-School is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and also the Shropshire Early Years Childcare Partnership. Staff represent the Pre-School on the Oswestry Early Years Education Forum, and the Sure-Start initiative.   This allows staff access to advice, support, training and news of both local initiatives and national issues within Early Years Education and keeps our Pre-School in the public eye. Staff carry out many of these activities in their own time and without pay and therefore your help and support is very important.

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