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A Few Requests to Parents (which help us enormously!)

Please do:

  • Notify the supervisor of any relevant medical details.
  • Ensure that you fill in your Postcode on the Registration Form as we need these when claiming funding for your child from the Education Department.
  • Keep your child at home if he/she is unwell.
  • Notify the Supervisor if anyone, other than a parent or known carer, is collecting your child, and that person has the password.
  • Notify the Supervisor of changes in child’s and/or parents and/or childminder’s address and telephone numbers etc.
  • Read notices which are put up  -  we are often unable to send out individual letters to parents due to financial constraints.
  • Read all policy documents (borrow the folder to take home) so that you are aware of how our Group operates.
  • Value work your child chooses to bring home from pre-school (even if your child’s painting appears to be a ‘sludgy brown mess’! or a collection of cereal boxes glued together! - many skills and much thought, learning and effort has gone into that work.  Nothing flattens a child’s self-esteem or confidence more than having their work put in the bin.  Keep it or display it for a few days – it will soon be replaced by their next creation! – and you will do wonders for their confidence, motivating them on to developing their skills and learning).
  • Pay fees on time and without being asked for them.
  • Ensure your child wears comfortable clothes which allow them to play freely.
  • Pick your child up on time.
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