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We want our children to feel happy and secure when making the transition from us to school nursery or Reception class.  We are continuing to build links with the local school nurseries and Reception class teachers and have particularly good links with our local primary school, Woodside, and also the Meadows.  We ensure that contact is made with all schools receiving children from our Pre-school and pass on learning profiles.  We also liaise particularly closely with feeder schools, with parent’s permission of course, about children with special needs to ensure that the needs of these children are understood and also to discuss progress made. 

Parents often have many concerns about moving their children on to the school nurseries.  Please always feel welcome to come and discuss any issues with the staff.  Do not feel pressurised into accepting a place at a school nursery if you feel that it is not right for your child.  You do not have any legal obligation to send your child to school until the term after they are five years old and have a right to make your own choice about their care and education at any time before then.  Your child will continue to receive government nursery grant funding if they remain with us and also receive education under the same Foundation Stage curriculum as followed in the school nurseries.  No school can refuse your child a place in their school at 5 years old on the grounds that you do not take up a place in their school nursery.  Please remember that our Nursery provides the same curriculum as school nurseries.  We can offer a combination of morning and afternoon sessions, including lunch, according to your needs.  This also offers your child a continuity of care, a smaller group in which to work and play, and more one to one attention.

We would advise that you visit the nursery at which your child has been offered a place – not just on the Open Day offered.  Talk to the staff, look at the staff ratios, find out if the teaching and learning strategies used are appropriate for your child, look at the adult:child ratios, talk to other parents whose children attend the nursery.  Perhaps ask if you can defer the place for a term if you are unsure that the nursery is suitable for your child at that particular time in their lives.  Remember – all children are different – make the best decision for your child.

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