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Special Needs (SEN)

Each and every child in our Pre-school is special and very precious to us and it is our aim to make sure that our provision meets the needs of each individual child.  No single child is identical in the way they develop and some children may need extra help in one or more areas of their development.  It may be just a tiny bit of extra help needed now or it may be that a programme of help for a longer term is required.  The main thing is, the earlier in their lives that children (and parents) can access this help, the better it is for them.  As parents and staff we want to give the children the best possible start in life and to help them in any way we can.

If you are worried or have concerns about any aspect of your child’s development, please speak to a member of staff.  Julie  and Helen are currently updating special needs training   to help children with additional or special needs – they are our Special Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs).  They are also able to advise on getting help for your child, if it is required, from other agencies and professionals and often work in partnership with these people to provide help for children in the pre-school.

Our Pre-school works to the requirements of the 1993 Education Act and the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2001).

Toilet Training / Children in Nappies

Parents are often concerned that their child is not yet completely toilet-trained and is still wearing nappies when it comes time for them to come and join our Pre-school.  Please be reassured that we welcome children into our Group at any stage of development, and that includes those who wear nappies.  All we ask of parents is that you provide a named changing bag with clean nappies, wet-wipes etc. for your child.  We are very happy to share in any toilet-training programme you are working on with your child – just let us know.

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